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Hello - thank you for visiting my website! What began as a ghost writing hobby catapulted into a professional writing career. My broad understanding of spiritual and cultural variations, and some unusual life experiences have formed a unique insight to human nature and the many belief systems that form our world. When I'm not writing or doing artwork, I'm taking Zumba classes to burn off my unapologetic love for chocolate. I'm active in volunteer work, and a native of Seattle, Washington where I raised my children.

My number one goal is TRAVEL! To date I've experienced the warm people of Istanbul Turkey, a city embracing both ancient and contemporary architecture and culture. I visited at a time when ISIS was at the Syrian border, forcing refugees into Turkey. I will never forget their faces remorse with tragedy and despair, and the Syrian man holding a bathroom scale offering to weigh people for a few coins.

I was also privileged to travel to Seoul, South Korea bursting with color during the cherry blossom season. Seoul is known as the city that never sleeps, where high fashion is taken seriously, though sometimes while wearing Mickey Mouse ears! Spicy vendor food cooked in little tents on every street, fermented kimchi, curious people with a quirky sense of humor - a bustling place I hold dear to my heart.

Hong Kong was the biggest surprise, with its tropical climate, diversity and freedom that you don't find in the strict communist parts of China - a beautiful fusion of East and West, and the most gracious, hospitable people living amidst breathtaking greenery, views of the deep blue sea, spectacular city lights at night, and my favorite - a cable car ride through the lush green mountainside to the Ngong Ping Buddhist village on Lantau Island.

One day I will write about these experiences in detail - with an added intriguing plot of course, so please check back often for new books!