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BookTrib Review: Dr. Lowe Prescribes Laughs and Life Lessons in "The Backseat Shrink" — 10/18/20: "The perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. As a renowned psychiatrist with a brand-new book deal, Dr. Carlton Lowe is living the high life among the wealthy elite of Chicago. Upper-crust clients and talk show interviews are his bread and butter; he has no time for the seedy aspects of city life. Blue collar work, homeless people and crime don’t exist in his privileged world. He seems to have life all planned out, but the one thing he never considered was how easily it could all be taken away," Read full review on BookTrib »

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Christian: Very funny, very captivating — 11/17/20: "Excellent book. It took a few chapters to develop, but it will have you on the edge of your seat and laughing out loud. There’s a powerful message too. But if anyone knows please remind me who is Margret?"

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Jo Hall: Too hilarious — 11/9/20: "First couple of chapters, I wasn't sure I wanted to read. Starting about third chapter, it got more by the page. Turned out to be great read. VERY funny. With a message."

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Darian: The Backseat Shrink did not disappoint — 10/18/20: "It’s a comedy with enough grit, even for an Alaska fisherman like me. A rich psychiatrist unexpectedly ends up living on the streets among shady mobsters and street people. What’s there not to like? Entertaining, funny, suspenseful, intelligent. Some scenes are overly exaggerated which might turn off some people. Personally I found the satire hilarious. After all, it’s a comedy."

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Emma Weberly: Entertaining! — 9/17/20: "Super funny and original. Memorable characters and story."

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Kindle Customer: Great Read! — 9/17/20: "Liked the story line and surprising ending."

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Sadie Green: I liked it! — 9/5/20: "I normally don't read humor books but an ad popped up on my Twitter feed for The Backseat Shrink. The synopsis sounded intriguing and funny. If you enjoy over-the-top comedy movies, then you'll enjoy The Backseat Shrink book. While living in his car in the middle of downtown Chicago, Dr. Lowe tries to clear his name of a scandal, but more trouble keeps finding him. I actually laughed out loud on several occasions and spit my coffee a couple times. It's one of those "so ridiculous it's funny" plots. But it's balanced out by serious thought provoking moments."

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Kaylie: A Must Read! — 7/12/20: "Dr. Lowe is a great main character - I both loved and hated the man! The book is funny and clever and Dr. Lowe always seems to find himself in unexpected situations. Some of the characters were recognizable, which made it even more funny to me. Well written and easy to read. I'll keep it in my library to re-read in the future!"

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MK: An entertaining, fun, read! Attention grabber! — 5/31/20: "I loved The Backseat Shrink! It grabbed my attention right away and kept me interested from start to finish. I couldn't guess what was going to happen next. The characters are completely unique. It's a funny story but also has a human element to it. I love the cover art too. Was a fun read - highly recommend it!"

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"I'm a little worried about this Dr. Lowe fella. I want you to find out what he's got up his sleeve... pay him a visit. Squeeze as much as you can outta him before he starts talkin' to detectives and the media. Bribe him, muscle him, do what it takes. The situation needs to be fixed between Sugar Cube and the Family before things get outta control. If Dr. Lowe is in Sugar's crosshairs, it's because he knows something."


Dr. Carlton Lowe, renowned psychiatrist and wealthy cultural snob is blackmailed by his wife and long-time attorney who mastermind a scheme to cash in on his impending fame and fortune. His wife takes everything except the hideous 1970s family station wagon that had been stored in the garage for decades.

Without a legal leg to stand on or a pot to piss in, Dr. Lowe is officially homeless and living in his station wagon in downtown Chicago. He soon finds himself the backseat shrink to a cast of street denizens - the very destitute underclass who he had once blatantly voiced his outright disgust for.

Fuel fans the flames when unbeknownst to him, he’s parked in the territory of a notorious drug lord who is outraged by all the visitors to Dr. Lowe’s station wagon, assuming he’s a new gangster in town stealing his clients.

On the run, Dr. Lowe devises a plan to take down the drug lord while clearing his own name of scandal in a hilarious tangled twist of events.

Genre. Fiction, Comedy, Drama, Adventure, Suspense.

Mature Subject Matter. Light violence, strong language, light sexual references.

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The Backseat Shrink (the inner workings)

2020, August 9 - Read blog »



Ugly Girl, Sweet Nectar book cover

Alessa digs deep to unearth her past, and discovers a scathing childhood of abuse and trauma. At the same time, she is faced with the seemingly impossible duty of taking care of the abusers – her parents. Read more / BUY »

Genre. Fiction based on a true story, Family & Relationships, Overcoming Childhood Trauma.

COMING SOON: 7/15/21

The Backseat Shrink book cover

A brutal despot known as Sir Froyd, in an act of revenge, overthrows a kingdom in a sneaky ploy. A non-stop adventure with soldiers, legendary Sea Sprites, Sea Dragons and other unworldly characters.

Genre. Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama.