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BookTrib Review: Dr. Lowe Prescribes Laughs and Life Lessons in "The Backseat Shrink"

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2020, October 18

The perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. As a renowned psychiatrist with a brand-new book deal, Dr. Carlton Lowe is living the high life among the wealthy elite of Chicago. Upper-crust clients and talk show interviews are his bread and butter; he has no time for the seedy aspects of city life. Blue collar work, homeless people and crime don’t exist in his privileged world. He seems to have life all planned out, but the one thing he never considered was how easily it could all be taken away... Read more »

The Backseat Shrink (the inner workings)

2020, August 9

Where did I get the idea for the Backseat Shrink? The Backseat Shrink started out as a screenplay. After realizing how difficult it is to break into the film industry, I decided to convert the screenplay to a book hoping a film producer might miraculously stumble across it. I've done a lot of volunteer work for health and human services agencies and know that most people are one paycheck away from homelessness... and that there are many people who wrongly judge them. The main character of The Backseat Shrink (Dr. Lowe) is one of those people who frowned upon the underprivileged until he became homeless himself. The book is a comedy but it also addresses how people end up in the homeless system and/or resort to drugs and crime. The biggest challenges of writing The Backseat Shrink... Read more »

Traditional vs. Unconventional Authors & Readers

2020, July 25

There are two types of books and two types of readers:

The first is the traditional type that gets the warm fuzzy feels for perfectly composed paragraphs, indentations calculated right down to the millimeter, safe story lines and slap-happy phrases that don’t take readers too far from their comfort zone… you know, the conventional writing style that “goes by the book” (pun intended). It allows readers to sip their tea and set the cruise control button for an enjoyable and relaxing ride on a smooth surface with no bumps, spills, or unwanted surprises – a vacation.

And then there is the “other” type – the ones that makes traditional readers slap an author’s wrist… the ones your Grandma warned you about... Read more »